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Play The Keys

A troubled kid with a troubled soul

removing all my demons

I'm fiending for fuckin cleaness


A great abyss I'm jumping

Humping your ears 

Lyrics insert 

Pressure your peers

Render inert

Another level of consciousness

I embody this

My soul I polish this

Reinforcing my self-confidence

Shine bright like light bright

Incite a fight

Impetus of might

Perfect the sight 

Erasing the plight

Empathy towards my fellow man

99 percenter 

Occupy lands

Dirty my hands

I do what I can 

I do what I must

And do without fuss

I keep it on the plus

The positive 

My prerogative is rocking the mic

I grip it tight

And never lose sight of the message

Use action 

Keep focus over distraction"

Forever laughin

Spirits high on my pep game

Direct effect maintain

My mind frame 

Im insane 

No outsane

I am strange

And my name is Marcus

Now come and spark this

Cypher of life 


Or just remain mute

Silence exists

Confide in it and never rebuke

Download then reboot

Get down or lay down

The mentality of hood thugs

I gotta hit the books now 

The mentality I should love

It's All Real

It's all real when I be lacing the mic

Incite headnods

no doubt im doin it right

It's night after night 

A rhyme fiend

Searching for my fix

That verbal knowledge 

Food for thought 

Like common

But I'm in

Another generation

No appreciation

For the participation and the embracement

Of the microphone

Masters the super rhyme sayers

The track slayers 

So Illmatic with the flavors


I grind on the reg

To increase my wealth 

I boost my health

With herbs

The effect is felt

The truth 

Must be told

Yo in fact exposed 

But only after I get this vanilla Dutch unrolled 

A spiteful soul 

Revenge's friend 

Your enemy 

Judgment passed

His mind slain by a pen

He drips thoughts

Which he collects hella frantically 

Emotions arise

But settle down the tantrum B

Speak pleasantly 

Leavin no room for anger

Escape danger

attendance at tonight's banger

The lifestyle of a college kid

Bio major

The mic savior 

Aerosol art maker

But yo It might take ya


Another round to comprehend

The oral rendering of what my hand had penned 

Akin to sin

Yo I'm prone to break rules

Dismiss fools

Stay true and do well in school

But yo ain't no physical toll

That I be bearing

Discourage me from taking my spot as heir apparent

To the throne of enlightenment

Advancing on my mental 

It's M Hughes 

Bringing that good news 


Put your fist up if you black and free 

It Marcus Hughes come and rap with me

It's all gravy 

Up in school got me feeling so lazy 

Got me feeling like a fool

all these gunners trying to blaze me b 


But I abstain 

From those mental processes

That lead to thoughts hindering my progression


That's my vice mang

So I throw my thoughts to the curb like dice games 

Up in the hood

I Spray letters Not bullets 

Cus Momma always said that I shouldn't


But she always said to praise God

Never that 

I was led to rap

Heed the call like a thundercat


Loyal to the boom bap

Divine in disguise 

On the rise 

Peep the skies 

Close your eyes 

You can sense my soul 


Complications arise 

There's no doubting that 

quick to snapback like a starter cap

Hold your claps

The essence of hip hop be that boom bap 

You hating because I'm black

Man I'm over that 


Coffee in my cup got me buzzing like a pager

I make my own way 

While you waiting for a savior

Its blasphemy I know it...


..And I'm always quick to show it


Ayo, I did it on my own

With no handouts from daddy 

That nigga wasn't there 

He was locked up 


So, God bless my mom and my step-dad

God bless my friends that respect that 

I can rap

I can pass that damn step examination 

And patiently become a man of patients 


When I'm done please no ovation 

I'm just a human Impetus for crowd elation 

You're welcome


Im feeling cynical

That's just my nature

Steady reaching for the pinnacle 

Find me lamping with those good vibes

Look to the sky see me high on the rise 



I'm thinking about the many complications of my lifetime

I might rhyme every single day and get no shine

That's quite fine 

Because this solace that I'm feeling

from this microphone wielding

son is more than appealing 

for me 

knowledge is power but I'm slacking on my studies

feeling like a coward I just want someone to love me

above me is there a savior or just water vapor?

no time to lose must prepare for the next caper

looking out for jake so my homies yelling onetime

down on my luck so I'm spending like one dime

a day

these dark clouds chasing all the sun away

introspection will illuminate a better way

‘preme jacket on yo I'm hoping for a better day

cus I'm feeling so jaded

perhaps, faded

from the ganja that was blazed, kid



everybody say it

superfluous words

the purplest herbs

ef what you heard

this is life through my sight right now

Live and dwell with the nerds

never jump ship

remain calm

but I need y'all to get hyped right now

look within for the key

unlock your mind  and be free

so everybody join me 

and take flight right now 

something light right now 

so get right right now










Moon Bright

The moon's bright when I'm chilling at night

I Blow the cloud in the sky as im wondering why

Yo I try with all might, yet the fight isn't won

Advance myself through life steady pondering...

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